Best Practice in Workplace Health: The HOW

About halfway through last year, I joined the Benefits Canada Magazine Advisory Board, after talking extensively with their editors in regards to the article they did on my work at UBC.  Last Friday, we had an advisory meeting, which included a number of professionals from across Canada. I cannot talk in detail about what weContinue reading “Best Practice in Workplace Health: The HOW”

Cyberbullying Presentation Tomorrow in Squamish

I’ve finished my cyberbullying presentation for tomorrow night at the Squamish Family Chiropractic Office, so I thought I’d share it on here first.  You’ll notice on my presentations online that I really use it as a guide when I speak, so I feel as though I’m just sharing with you a sneak peak of whatContinue reading “Cyberbullying Presentation Tomorrow in Squamish”

Cyberbullying Workshop: Feb 28 at 6:30 in Squamish

Have I mentioned that I love my chiropractor, Lori Broker?  No, she doesn’t pay me to promote her.  She did, however, fix my migraine on Monday, so that I was able to finish working on my keynote speech for Tuesday morning’s Northwest Association of College and Housing Officers Annual Conference.  It was really important toContinue reading “Cyberbullying Workshop: Feb 28 at 6:30 in Squamish”

Talking At is Worse than Not Talking At All

I did my Bachelors degree in Communications, but it never prepared me for dealing with teens (particularly in groups).  Tweens and teens have their own language- one that I couldn’t use, nor often interpret.  They can use that language to exclude and even ridicule their parents. When I first started working with teens, I was young enoughContinue reading “Talking At is Worse than Not Talking At All”

New Presentation: February 3

I’m booking up like crazy for presentations lately, which is great! This one is more specifically focused on my work in health promotions at UBC, but I thought some of you might be interested.  Here’s the most recent one that I’m working on: What’s Working for Health? Suzanne Jolly, M. Ed, Coordinator, Health Promotion Programs, UBC Dept.Continue reading “New Presentation: February 3”

Upcoming Workshops and Events

My apologies for the lack of blog posts recently- I’ve been travelling through Mexico for a couple of weeks to celebrate the holidays.  But I’m back now and I’ve been tremendously busy! I’ll be the keynote speaker at the NWACUHO Conference (Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers) in February, then I am offering another free workshop forContinue reading “Upcoming Workshops and Events”

Lessons from the Saturday Night Pizza Delivery Boy

I was in a local pizza shop last night, waiting on my order.  Much to my surprise, the bright and funny teenage boy who did deliveries called out to the manager, “Oh, I’ve got to run and get some beer before the liquor store closes!”  The manager grunted in agreement, unsurprised.  The teenager turned toContinue reading “Lessons from the Saturday Night Pizza Delivery Boy”