Upcoming Workshops and Events

My apologies for the lack of blog posts recently- I’ve been travelling through Mexico for a couple of weeks to celebrate the holidays.  But I’m back now and I’ve been tremendously busy! I’ll be the keynote speaker at the NWACUHO Conference (Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers) in February, then I am offering another free workshop for the Sea to Sky Women’s Health Network at the Whistler Public Library on February 8 (from 7-9 pm), and I’ve also been in discussions with folks from the Squamish Nation about offering a specific parenting workshop in February.  Then I’ve had a request to develop a workshop on cyberbullying for Squamish parents, had someone approach me about developing some partnership programming for the Vancouver area and I’m in discussions with UBC Continuing Studies about offering a parenting course this summer.  All of which means that I had an excellent vacation but now it’s time to play catch up!  I feel so grateful that it seems as though the world is constantly encouraging me to develop more- which to me means that I’m on the right track- meeting needs that are not otherwise being met.

I know that it can be a tough time during the holidays: there’s a lot of time spent together, a lot of expectations and stressors that can lead to conflict.  I hope you’ll decide to start off the new year with some new ideas from me to make times together more positive in 2011, whether it’s through a coaching meeting with me or by attending a workshop, or asking for advice through this blog.

All my best,


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