Cyberbullying Workshop: Feb 28 at 6:30 in Squamish

Have I mentioned that I love my chiropractor, Lori Broker?  No, she doesn’t pay me to promote her.  She did, however, fix my migraine on Monday, so that I was able to finish working on my keynote speech for Tuesday morning’s Northwest Association of College and Housing Officers Annual Conference.  It was really important to me, and I love her for helping me get to feeling good enough to take care of it.

I also love Lori beyond her chiropractic skills. I love her because she cares about the Squamish community, so she hosts people to offer free workshops.  When she found out what I do (in my “spare time” outside of my full-time work at UBC), she was excited and she asked me to host a workshop.  A few weeks later, she asked me, specifically, to look at the topic of cyberbullying.

In the past, when I worked in Vermont, I used to run a workshop for parents to reduce the fear (and increase the love!) for social media.  After all, I do have my BA in Communications, and I tweet, facebook and use Linked In (and I used to even have a myspace, but I didn’t have enough time for all, so I got rid of that).  I also have a great relationship with a number of teens via Facebook, and I value being able to give them some perspective on their lives, quickly, via their Facebook status updates, pictures, etc. 

After all, today’s teens and tweens have a whole world on the internet (whether we want them to or not).  So I am an advocate for parents: it’s time to become at least minorly tech-savvy.

So my workshop in Vermont focused on how to blog, Facebook, and text.

On February 28th, though, because of Lori’s request (and insight into the needs of parents), I am focusing on cyberbullying and bringing some perspective to parents on questions like:

  • How can you prevent your teen from being a bully (online or off)?
  • Who’s responsibility is it to intervene when teens bully others online?
  • How can you tell if your teen is being bullied (online or off)?

So if you’re worried about a tween (10-12 yr old) or teen (13-19 year old) you like or love, then join us for this free workshop at Squamish Chiropractic on Monday, February 28 from 6:30-7:30 pm at 37971 Third Ave, Squamish, BC.  It’s free, but we’re also taking donations in support of the Squamish Breakfast Program (for the Squamish Elementary Schools).

Many thanks to Lori for caring about our community and being the impetus for this.

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