Current Workshops Available

  • Workshops range from 1-1.5 hours.
  • Workshops are always interactive and designed for a variety of learning styles.
  • Workshops are tailored for the audience: Suzanne is versatile and can offer workshops accessible to a variety of people from different backgrounds.
  • All workshops include handouts and an online presentation overview for participants.
  • If requested, an evaluation form can be distributed to workshop participants with evaluative data shared after the presentation with the host organization.
  • Presentations are available on three different major topic areas:  health prevention/promotion, parenting and chronic disease prevention.
  • Custom topics are always available. Suzanne loves to keep current and fresh by creating new presentations!

Presentation Samples
Workplace and Community Health

  • Moving to Learn and Teach: Practical Ways to Sneak in Physical Activity
    This was one of Suzanne’s favourite workshops ever. She designed this for early childhood educators, as she was a professional presenter at the BC Aboriginal Childcare Society’s Conference. It was standing room only!  This presentation led her to be invited to the 37th BC Elders Gathering in Prince George the following summer. 
  • Being Male: Avoiding the Risky Business
    A practical workshop designed for men on how to build protective factors and minimize risk factors for key preventable diseases: prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression. Originally designed for Stantec Inc, an architecture and engineering firm. 
  • Action Planning for Healthy Lives
    Learning how we can move from “should” to “did,” this interactive workshop teaches practical goal-setting skills that can be applied to a holistic health approach.
  • Catering to Your Health
    Discover how to promote health through food at work.  This presentation was originally designed for UBC but would be adapted to focus on the catering options in your workplace.
  • A Well Workplace
    Explore how a workplace culture can contribute to the health of employees and how to foster it.

Parenting and Tweens/Teens

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