Rewiring Your Brain to Understand The Teen Brain

I was sitting with my accountant the other day, and instead of talking about my taxes, we talked about teens obviously.  Teens are far more interesting, that is for certain!  After he realized what my work was all about, he started talking to me about some recent information he had discovered about the brain.  HeContinue reading “Rewiring Your Brain to Understand The Teen Brain”

Best & Worst Practices for Anti-Bullying Messages

I just wanted to quickly share this really well written article on best (and worst) practices in messages about bullying.  It’s a great resource for educators, activists, parents, teens and allies, and it outlines how I often feel about some of the substance abuse/violence prevention campaigns that I see people using.

Pemberton Parents are Incredible!

I offered my Keeping Teens and Tweens Out of Trouble workshop at the Pemberton Library on Tuesday night and I was just so tremendously impressed with the parents of Pemberton.  We had about twenty-five participants for 2 hours, and everyone was so interested.  We even had a lot of fun (shocking, I know!). In the workshop, we spent aContinue reading “Pemberton Parents are Incredible!”

Peer Pressure: Using It For Good

According to a recent study from Temple University, teen decision-making about taking risks is drastically impacted by the presence (or even the belief of a presence) of friends. Thanks to Tara Parker Pope for highlighting this study in her recent New York Times article. Previously, we thought about peer pressure as teens coercing each other intoContinue reading “Peer Pressure: Using It For Good”