Interculturalism, Health & Physical Activity

Inclusive Communications in Recreation

A Service Learning Project

This comprehensive project required me to work with a group of 4 other students to develop a tool for analyzing the inclusivity of UBC Recreation’s annual Recreation Guide.

The guide distributed to over 2000 students annually is one of the key marketing tools used by UBC Recreation to promote a wide array of physical activity events and programs for students, staff and faculty.

Skills & Knowledge Gained



Professional presentations & report writing

Survey development/evaluation tools

Inclusion in recreational contexts

Key Learnings & Reflections on This Project

Impact on Organization:

The Marketing team changed the format of the annual guide to feature diverse student/faculty/staff stories to better represent the diversity of their audience

What is inclusive marketing?

Inclusive marketing refers to the messaging, people, processes and technologies that enable marginalised or underrepresented groups to fully experience and connect with brands.

Roselyn Xavier, Digital consultant,

Our project taught us to look at inclusion from a variety of different perspectives: ethnicity, ability, race, identity, gender, etc. It also taught us to look at marketing from a variety of perspectives: language, tone, imagery, etc.

The project taught us that influences participation in physical activity: that inclusion matters in the marketing of programs & events because it communicates who belongs.

Cultivating a sense of belonging is key to great engagement for recreation programs.