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Best & Worst Practices for Anti-Bullying Messages

I just wanted to quickly share this really well written article on best (and worst) practices in messages about bullying.  It’s a great resource for educators, activists, parents, teens and allies, and it outlines how I often feel about some of the substance abuse/violence prevention campaigns that I see people using.

Pemberton Parents are Incredible!

I offered my Keeping Teens and Tweens Out of Trouble workshop at the Pemberton Library on Tuesday night and I was just so tremendously impressed with the parents of Pemberton.  We had about twenty-five participants for 2 hours, and everyone was so interested.  We even had a lot of fun (shocking, I know!). In the workshop, we spent a … Continue reading

Peer Pressure: Using It For Good

According to a recent study from Temple University, teen decision-making about taking risks is drastically impacted by the presence (or even the belief of a presence) of friends. Thanks to Tara Parker Pope for highlighting this study in her recent New York Times article. Previously, we thought about peer pressure as teens coercing each other into … Continue reading