Recommended Resources

For Organizations
Workplace Health

Benefits Canada Magazine. “Labour Trends Driving Need for Healthy Workplaces.”  May 2008.
Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Getting Results. Prepared for the Workplace Health Strategies Bureau, Health Canada. January, 2004.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Healthy Workplace Environment Toolkit

Healthy Workplace Council

Psychologically Safe Workplaces

For Parents

BC Parent Magazine

Media Awareness Network

Learn about the Teenage Brain.

Canadian Parents

Parents Support Services of BC

National Institute on Drug Abuse

For Teens

Are you in the know? Check  out the Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition.

For the ladies: play games, take quizzes and explore at or if you’re into sports check out She Loves Sports.

Ladies in Middle SchoolZoey’s Room has some great resources.

Figure out how to be Above the Influence.

Check yourself before it’s too late.

Learn about the science behind drug use from the leading researchers in the U.S (National Institute on Drug Abuse for teens).

Thinking about your future and what you should do or who you should be? Check out this website for career advice.

Learn more about healthy relationships (including sex) here.

Planned Parenthood offers one perspective on sexual relationships and abstinence for teens.

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