Web Development for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Over the last year, I’ve been working with two different local Squamish businesses to help with promotions and communications, including website design and social media strategies.  Mainly I started doing this work with the two businesses because the work that they do for the community is something that I believe in. I simply won’t doContinue reading “Web Development for Small Businesses and Non-Profits”

Best Practice in Workplace Health: The HOW

About halfway through last year, I joined the Benefits Canada Magazine Advisory Board, after talking extensively with their editors in regards to the article they did on my work at UBC.  Last Friday, we had an advisory meeting, which included a number of professionals from across Canada. I cannot talk in detail about what weContinue reading “Best Practice in Workplace Health: The HOW”

Staying Healthy for Women Engineers: Workshop

Last Saturday, I spent a great hour with the women engineers at Connections 2.0, a conference run by WWEST (Westcoast Women in Science, Engineering and Technology).  Exploring practical ideas to take on the fact that health can be seen as a culturally deviant concept in the field of Engineering was exciting! I was so thrilledContinue reading “Staying Healthy for Women Engineers: Workshop”

Sometimes You Need A Change

For a few years now I have focused a lot of my spare energy, outside of my fulltime work, focusing on helping parents and teens. I love that work, but to be honest, I realized that I am limited myself in terms of how I am able to better the world. Recently the world, andContinue reading “Sometimes You Need A Change”

Rewiring Your Brain to Understand The Teen Brain

I was sitting with my accountant the other day, and instead of talking about my taxes, we talked about teens obviously.  Teens are far more interesting, that is for certain!  After he realized what my work was all about, he started talking to me about some recent information he had discovered about the brain.  HeContinue reading “Rewiring Your Brain to Understand The Teen Brain”

Best & Worst Practices for Anti-Bullying Messages

I just wanted to quickly share this really well written article on best (and worst) practices in messages about bullying.  It’s a great resource for educators, activists, parents, teens and allies, and it outlines how I often feel about some of the substance abuse/violence prevention campaigns that I see people using.

Pemberton Parents are Incredible!

I offered my Keeping Teens and Tweens Out of Trouble workshop at the Pemberton Library on Tuesday night and I was just so tremendously impressed with the parents of Pemberton.  We had about twenty-five participants for 2 hours, and everyone was so interested.  We even had a lot of fun (shocking, I know!). In the workshop, we spent aContinue reading “Pemberton Parents are Incredible!”

Cyberbullying Presentation Tomorrow in Squamish

I’ve finished my cyberbullying presentation for tomorrow night at the Squamish Family Chiropractic Office, so I thought I’d share it on here first.  You’ll notice on my presentations online that I really use it as a guide when I speak, so I feel as though I’m just sharing with you a sneak peak of whatContinue reading “Cyberbullying Presentation Tomorrow in Squamish”

Cyberbullying Workshop: Feb 28 at 6:30 in Squamish

Have I mentioned that I love my chiropractor, Lori Broker?  No, she doesn’t pay me to promote her.  She did, however, fix my migraine on Monday, so that I was able to finish working on my keynote speech for Tuesday morning’s Northwest Association of College and Housing Officers Annual Conference.  It was really important toContinue reading “Cyberbullying Workshop: Feb 28 at 6:30 in Squamish”